The Guys Who Make It All Happen

Like most people in the automotive world, Greg Meerbaum & Tyler Blochinger’s careers did not start here. After climbing the ladder of positions from intern, sales representatives, all the way to President; two friends from high school looked at each other and said “let’s give this entrepreneur thing a shot!”

With an understanding that quality service, customer care, and relationships would ultimately be the ingredients that will separate us from everyone else, those are the foundation bricks that have built Coastal Media Company.

Greg Meerbaum

Tyler Blochinger

Our Company Mission

We understand that quality service, customer care & maintaining healthy client relationships are the foundation of CMC and is what separates us from our competitors.

Our Philosophy

​We care about all of our clients and make it our mission to service each individual companies needs with precision and quality.

The CMC Promise

​We will do everything possible to help you reach your business goals.  Let us do the work needed to accelerate your business.
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