Enjoy our unique and modern designs and targeting combined together.


As most of us learned the hard way, there is nothing more important to the success of a mail campaign then the data behind it. From giveaway campaigns to targeted lists, Coastal Media Company can provide you with the most cutting edge marketing data and algorithms to give us both the best shot at success. Direct mail can be cookie cutter, but why should it be? We create a custom campaign from the design and graphics process all the way through the list mining to make sure that what you want is exactly what you receive.

Some of Your List Targeting Options

Carrier Route


Credit Bureau






Database Campaigns

WE DIG DEEP into your database
to market to your hidden gems

  • Step 1 – Identify the Golden 1000 We extract your sales and service data and run it through our proprietary software that compares it against local statistical trends, national and local consumer buying habits, and much more to deliver the ultimate top 1000 hidden gems in your database. These top prospects are hygiened and we use data match technology to insure all records have accurate phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Step 2 – Deliver a series of choreographed messages Deploy a highly choreographed, multi-channel, high-touch campaign using proven psychological techniques prompting the customer to act.

    Mail: Personal and hand crafted. To the consumer it has a look and feel of a letter that you took the time to write to them personally. This first touch creates a powerful and memorable statement.

    RVM: Ringless Voicemail is exactly what it sounds like. We drop a personal message from the dealer directly in the customer’s voicemail without ringing the phone. And because it’s a “message” it has the personal touch of a“sorry I missed you.”

    Email: 70% of mobile usage is reading emails. We keep it simple and personal. This is now your third attempt to help the customer get the best deal of their lifetime.

    SMS Text Messaging: With a 90% open rate, SMS is how we finish off the effort strong, while keeping the messaging consistent.
  • Step 3 – Live Call Center and Analytics. Actively capture and report every response. All channels and messaging drive the customer to our skilled call-center agents who engage the consumer with a professional, kind voice and proven word tracks to get the customer in your dealership.



We understand the value of a lead, so we never want our clients to miss out on any opportunities. Every single phone, web, and floor lead that is generated during your direct mail sale is tracked in real-time via your own customized dealer dashboard. Think of it as a way to monitor the status and trend of your campaign without knocking door-to-door. The dashboard helps you not let leads slip through the cracks, and more importantly makes follow up easy and centralized.

In House Call Center


A lot of the time our clients are too busy with the physical leads walking through the doors that they let the leads calling in and going online slip through the cracks. We eliminate that process by taking it off of your plate. Our trained BDC experts will answer every call in real time, qualify them and set an appointment for you. Sit back, let us do the heavy lifting and focus on just selling cars!

At Coastal Media Company, we want to work for you!